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Create a Strategy for Monetizing your List in 4 Days

You're awesome at what you do. People will gladly give you their email for what you offer.

But you stare at the number of email addresses on your list and can't seem to make money from all the work you put into your business. You were told that "the money is in the list" yet your bank account isn't growing as fast as you expected it to.

I understand, you're not alone!

Let's create something together that will bring in more sales for you but only requires you to set it up once. Yeah, it's a real thing. It's called automation and once you start implementing this in your email marketing, you may cry happy tears or break out in dance in your office. Who knows.

You in?

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Haley Burkhead
Haley Burkhead

Hey, I'm Haley, founder of Market Beautifully and host of the Market Beautifully podcast. I know we don’t have matching friendship bracelets quite yet but I want to change your business. I want to help you scale. I want to help you feel more confident about making more money and growing the business you poured your heart and soul into creating.

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